I was first introduced to Glasgow at 17 when I visited in the summer for a music festival. I immediately fell in love with the city & it's passion for art, music & people. I then spent a year studying music & working as a barmaid before deciding Glasgow was where I wanted to live. So I packed up & moved to live in the heart of Glasgow where I experienced our exciting, vibrant city first hand.

When I arrived at Ovenbird all I knew about coffee was that I liked it served black. But now after learning everything from the origins of coffee to how to roast different blends from people who are truly passionate about it, I am delighted to say I am now a part of the world of coffee. In my free time I love to sing & make music as well as go to gigs & travel (not that we've been able to do much of that lately!)

My responsibilities at Ovenbird mainly lie in marketing & working as a barista in our new shop. As I love photography & have an eye for art, managing the website & social media for Ovenbird is something I really enjoy. I also love to be in the shop where I can get to know our customers & enjoy making coffees in the sunshine that usually floods The Vault!

I couldn't be happier to be a part of the Ovenbird team & I'm very excited about what lies ahead for us :)

Hope to see you very soon,

Love Isobel x