Name: Nicole Myles

Role: Trainee Master Roaster
Coffee order: Cappucino - the more chocolate the better.

Intake: About 2 or 3

My name is Nicole and I’m from Straya (aka Australia)! I reckon I’ve been a drinker of coffee ever since I started studying at university. I needed it to stay awake all day and night, you know, the typical student life. I used to actually drink mochas with five sugars! Now I drink cappuccinos with a cheeky bit of chocolate on top. I suppose I have a bit of a sweet tooth, still.

Apart from coffee, of course, my passion is to hike and there is no better place than Scotland to conquer some amazing munros. Nothing is more satisfying than reaching the top, grabbing out the flask and having a nice cup of coffee. Especially with Scotland's freezing temperatures!

At Ovenbird I am mainly focused on the roasting. But I also like to keep everything (and everyone else!) really organised. In the future, I would love to spread my wings and make my own blend. It would be so great to get to the point where I can create a unique flavour that I love, and hope that one day others will love too!